The strong sellers' market in the Austin area has many buyers frustrated.  They are ready to move.  NOW!  But there are so few houses on the market right now, that often when a home hits MLS, there is a rush of people looking, which can lead to multiple offers, and can lead to the buyer missing out on a house that they liked.  This scenario can be frustrating to buyers, so searching for homes that are "Coming Soon" and not yet in the MLS (also referred to as a "pocket listing") has become an important part of today's house hunting arsenal.  What is the best way to find those homes before they hit the market and everyone knows about them?

Contact me!  I have resources that help me find homes before they are listed that most buyers do not have access to.  A few examples:

  • I get e-flyers daily for "Coming Soon" listings.  
  • Pocket listings are also posted on the Keller Williams Intranet (for only Keller Williams agents to see).
  • I am a member of a closed group on Facebook for agents to privately share Coming Soon listings.  
  • I know of a number of people who have contacted me about selling their home, but who aren't quite ready to officially put it on the MLS.  
  • I also know many of the agents that work in the Austin area and can contact them directly to help dig up those prized "Pocket Listings".

It doesn't cost you anything to work with a real estate agent when you are buying a home - but not working with one could cost you the "perfect" home.  Call me today at (512) 496-2281 and I'll help you find the home you are dreaming of!